Holding hands: Theresa May and Donald Trump cement their “special relationship”


President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May were spotted walking hand in hand at the White House as they sought to revive the special relationship between the two countries.

The new president said he was honoured by Mrs May’s visit, which was the first by a world leader since his inauguration. President Trump said that Brexit would be “wonderful” and that the relationship between Britain and America was stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Mrs May revealed that the Queen has invited President Trump and the First Lady to visit her in Britain. They are understood to have already accepted the invitation, although it is not known exactly when they will visit.


The meeting between Mrs May and President Trump seems to have achieved what both leaders wanted, with Mr Trump saying that face to face talks had renewed the “military, cultural, financial and political bond” between the two countries.

President Trump also went on to praise the British people for being brave enough to vote for Brexit, saying that the UK exiting the EU provided opportunities for the world as a whole. He said he was looking forward to strengthening mutual ties.

Mrs May responded just as warmly, congratulating Mr Trump on what she said was a “stunning election victory”. However, when questioned about torture, following President Trump’s comments that waterboarding worked, she said there would be times when the pair disagreed. But, she added that there would also be much on which Britain and the US were in agreement on.

The Prime Minister said that far from moving security operations apart, there would be greater cooperation between officials in the UK and America in a bid to counteract terrorism organisations, following a spate of terror attacks across the globe in recent months.

Mrs May and President Trump met outside the White House, before he escorted the British Prime Minister in to the Oval Office. They were later seen walking in the grounds of the White House, and at one point, Mr Trump took her hand.