Hacker Steals The New Season Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ And Will Release It If Ransom Isn’t Paid


A hacker had stated that he has stolen the coming season of the hit series from Netflix “Orange Is The New Black”. He is asking that the company pay a ransom in order to stop him from releasing all the season’s episodes online.

Stolen season:

“The Dark Overlord” is the name used by the hacker. He has reportedly uploaded the first episode of the show to a file sharing website which is illegally operated.

The show’s official release date of the new season is June 9.

According to Netflix, the hack occurred at a small production seller which works with many big TV studios. The company, called the Los Gatos, California, called the breach an “active situation” which is currently investigated by authorities and the FBI.

The growth of subscriber and Netflix’s stock price could seriously be damaged if the show’s episodes are leaked.

The Dark Overlord stated that he has also stolen several series from studios beside Netflix in the ransom note. He vowed to announce the names if the ransoms he requested aren’t paid.

For months now, rumors have been circulating of a big leak concerning TV series and Hollywood films. The rumors were augmented after screenshots from the stolen footage was posted and threatened to be released if the ransom wasn’t paid.

The Associated Press was able to contact the hacker last February. He stated that he won’t release the video online, claiming that “no one really (cares) about unreleased movies and TV show episodes.”

Netflix earnings:

“Orange Is The New Black” should help Netflix to put 3.2 million subscribers in the period from April to June, which is way bigger than the average 1.8 million subscribers it has gained in the last five years.

Netflix’s stock falls if ever the company’s subscriber gains aren’t as the projections of the management.