Green turkeys: Tesco offers refunds after customers slice into birds on Christmas day to find the insides are GREEN


Families say their Christmas Day lunch was ruined after they cut into their turkey, only to find that the meat inside was green. Angry Tesco customers have been posting images and complaints on social media, over their disgusting looking Christmas food.

Consumers said that they had paid up to £30 for frozen turkey crowns before cooking and cutting them, to find the insides of the birds were green. The green meat is not thought to be harmful to health, but is understood to have been caused by a degenerative condition which affects turkeys called Green Muscle Disease. However, it is unlikely that families would have known whether their turkeys were safe to eat or not on Christmas day. And, given how unsightly they looked, it is unlikely that anyone would have wanted to eat green meat.


The condition happened when the inner breast muscle stops blood from circulating, leading to the discolouration. One mother of four, Rachel James, 33, from Shropshire, said that she was carving the Christmas turkey in front of her children and their grandparents. However, once the green meat was revealed, no one felt like eating it.

Twenty six year old Steve Parsons, from Dorset, also complained that his family had bought a green turkey. He said that his mother in law had been basting the turkey for hours to make sure it was just right for the Christmas meal, but the green meat put a “downer” on Christmas Day.

Supermarket giant Tesco has now offered refunds to all customers who bought the affected birds, and says it is speaking to its supplier about the problem. While it may have been expected that the turkeys might still have been for sale at a reduced rate following Christmas, now that the issue with the green meat has been discovered, there are none for sale on the retailer’s website.