Gov. Jerry Brown’s Famous Dog, Sutter Brown, Has Died


Gov. Jerry Brown’s famous 13-year-old corgi, Sutter Brown, has reportedly died after a long illness.

Sutter Brown, the famous dog seemed to “soften the rough edges” of Gov. Jerry Brown and so was adored by the public. His unfortunate death sparked a huge wave of support.

The dog was the eldest of two other dogs, and belonged to Gov. Jerry Brown and his wife Anne Gust Brown. He reportedly had an emergency surgery in October to remove cancerous masses. After the surgery, he recovered quickly and was returned home.


However, sadly his health began worsening again. According to the governor’s office, Sutter died with Jeff Brown and Anne Brown beside him.

He was buried on Friday afternoon at the family’s Colusa County ranch, according to Deborah Hoffman’s statement, the governor’s deputy press secretary.

“It’s a sad day for all who loved Sutter,” Hoffman said. Sutter was last seen on Election Day, when the governor went to vote at a Sacramento polling site.

The public usually holds a soft spot for the pets of politicians. “It took a dog to humanize the Capitol,” said Jennifer Fearing, a lobbyist for animal rights issues. Fearing later became one of Sutter’s unofficial caretakers.

“He warms up the Republicans,” Gust Brown told reporters in February 2011.


Sutter was not Jeff Brown’s first dog. The family previously owned a black Labrador called Dharma, who died in 2010. Kathleen Brown, the governor’s sister, was Sutter’s first owner, who ended up leaving him with her brother when she couldn’t move him with her to Chicago in 2010.

Sutter then became the family’s second dog the following February.

“A dog is an invitation to engage,” Fearing said. “They are social capital.”

“If we were all like Sutter,” she said, “I think politics could be a lot better place.”