GoDaddy Shuts Down Racist Site


Web hosting giant GoDaddy has given a 24 notice to US neo-Nazi site to get off their platform after they mocked the woman that died during a protest in Virginia.

The website, Daily Stormer, put out a post mocking Heather Heyer who died after she was hit by the car that rammed into one of the crowds at a rally for white supremacist in Charlottesville.

The domain company was forced to issue the ultimatum to the website after the post went with criticism from different folks. According to Godaddy, the website went against the company’s terms and conditions.

Daily Stormer Shutdown

“We have notified Daily Stormer that their site will be taken off the Godaddy platform so they need to find another provider. Because their acts violate our terms and conditions. Godaddy has been under pressure to remove the site from different quarters. The violence in Charlottesville broke following a controversial match by white supremacists.

After the announcement was a blog was published on the website stating that Anonymous has hacked the site but this claim has not been validated by the group on their Twitter page as is the norm. When they hack a website.