Girl Dragged Into Water By Sea Lion Treated For Potential ‘Seal Finger’ Infection


    Michael Fujiwara recorded a video that caught a 6-year-old Canadian girl being pulled by a sea lion into the water from a dock in Richmond, British Columbia.

    The girl’s grandfather jumped quickly into the harbour and pulled the girl back. The girl has reportedly suffered a superficial wound and is undergoing treated for a potential bacterial infection.

    Sea Lion finger

    Marine life experts were worried that they girl might be prone to a rare infection called seal finger, which is caused when a sea mammal bite a human, resulting in transmission of bacterial infection via the skin cut.

    If the patient were left without treatment of antibiotics, he or she could lose a finger or a limb.

    ABC News interviewed a spokesman for the Vancouver Aquarium Deana Lancaster

    “The family contacted the Vancouver Aquarium for help after one of the facility’s mammal trainers spoke about the condition during several interviews over the weekend,” Lancaster said. “The family saw the media reports and got in touch with us. She did get a superficial wound, and she’s going to get the right treatment.”

    “If any member of our animal care team receives a bite from a seal or sea lion, they take a letter from our vet with them to the hospital, which explains that the infection is resistant to some antibiotics.”

    Social Media, enraged

    After the video went viral, the family’s girl has been facing accusations of feeding the sea lions.

    But the girl’s father told CBC News:

    “There was somebody besides them that was trying to feed them. Also, they weren’t trying to take pictures or anything.”

    “If he had one- or two-second doubt about that, my girl could have been gone by then. That reaction makes him a hero,” he told the CBC.

    Before antibiotics, seal finger was a grave infection that threatened hunters or vets. The disease caused losing or cutting fingers, hands or limbs.