German Centre Left Party Will Make EU Unity a Priority


Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) its largest centre-left movement said it would let its own short-term economic interests take a back seat to help unify the European Union in the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

The SDP’s draft document stipulates that Britain’s entry into the single market would be dependent on accepting free movement of peoples and the rulings of the European Court of Justice.  It states that “without recognising this [the ECJ’s] final say a membership of the single market, especially in services, will not be possible”.

The SDP are junior partners in Germany’s current coalition government where Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party has the ruling hand.  Reports indicate that they too are considering a vote on the terms of Brexit.  This could cause delays to current plans to trigger Article 50.

The document also warns that a tougher line on Britain could actually see the end of the EU.

It also states that Germany should try and build relations with Britain and the EU27.  It states, “If we allow a ‘Europe à la carte’ it would lead to incalculable domino effects which would threaten the cohesion of the union. Refusing such wishes has nothing to do with punishment, but answers to the widely understood interests of the EU-27 and the functioning and political balance of the single market.”

A survey of German business found that over 95% of businesses were unconcerned about the impact to their business Britain leaving the EU will bring.  Of the 2900 firms surveyed, only 3% of companies thought it Brexit would impact the business.

The SDP is currently second in the polls with the CDU in the lead.  As such a coalition government is on the cards when the country goes to the poll in September.

Regardless of whether they are in power with the CDU or another party, the SDP will push for a vote.