Frontier Airlines set to double activities with its low-cost strategy


By summer next year, Frontier will run 314 continuous flights which are twice its current operation. The expansion will include 85 new routes and 21 new cities to the existing airline’s network. According to the CEO, Barry Biffle, the new service will expand their service in America, making it more affordable.

The effects of the expansion

The increase will cause a change in the services at places like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fla, Fort Myers, Cancun, and Mexico. Likewise, the base in Denver will have 19 new destinations. The airline promises to serve about 90% of the masses in the continental U.S.

Lately, the airline service has been trendy for its low cost and rapid expansion. It filed for an IPO some weeks back and is now itchy to display its high growth possibility to investors.

The statistics by the Bureau of Transportation has it that Frontier’s passenger grew by over 15 percent last year. And its aircraft recorded the highest number of passenger more than many other carriers.

The expansion of Frontier is geared towards attaining heights of established carriers such as United Airlines (UAL) and Southwest Airlines (LUV). Its new routes will rank it as the airline having the second most destinations from places like Orlando.
A report by the manufacturer, EADSY, Frontier will need many new aircraft. It has about 55 single aisle aircraft on demand from Airbus.

Bottom line

After a decade of remodeling, U.S carriers have embarked on competitive growth. Some airlines such as Frontier and Spirit popular for their low cost don’t make their customers undergo certain protocols like baggage checking and others have caused competition for low quotes in cities all over the country.

In line with the small price competition, biggest carriers have introduced basic economy where fares are void of extras. Frontier remains an opposing force to American and Delta’s revenue from each passenger; this is because of the competition in low prices.

However, the low prices are being detrimental to customer service as can be seen in Frontier’s position – second from the bottom as regards customer satisfaction.