Father killed his son by force feeding him


A cruel father is facing jail after killing his young son by force feeding him bread and cereal.
The tragic three-year-old died after his father forced him to lie down while he poured a mixture of bread and cereal into his mouth.
The boy essentially drowned in the food, which had been mixed to a porridge-like consistency.
While many courts often rule that a defendant can be named, but their relationship with the victim is not stated to protect the victim’s identity, in this case, the court has issued an order saying that the 32-year-old father cannot be named to prevent the boy from being identified.
The parent, who is from north-west London, has now been found guilty of both manslaughter and cruelty to a child after a distressing trial at the Old Bailey.
Simon Denison QC, for the prosecution, had told the jury how the defendant often hit his son or sent him straight to bed if he was sick while eating.
The little boy died in November last year. The father had called paramedics, who arrived at the house to find the tot lying lifeless on the floor wearing just a nappy.
Mr Denison said: “There was a very large amount of vomit that looked like a porridge substance on his face and on his chest and not the floor.
“It was very difficult to clear his airway because of the amount of porridge-like substance that was in his throat. When CPR was attempted, more of the substance came out.”
“A post-mortem examination revealed that virtually all sections of his lungs were stuffed with recognisable food material.
“He had aspirated, inhaled, breathed in, a large amount of the porridge-like mix into his lungs so that he had, in effect, drowned in his food.”
After the guilty verdict, the father was taken into custody and will be sentenced by the judge presiding over the case, Mr Justice Singh, tomorrow.
A spokesman for the child protection charity NSPCC described the case as “tragic, shocking and desperately sad”.
In a statement, the charity added: “It goes without saying that the child concerned died in the most horrific way and at the hands of a man who should have cared for, loved and protected him.
“The fact the father continued to force feed the child even though his distress would have been obvious is heart-breaking and hard to comprehend.”