Father drowned his own six-year-old daughter and pet dogs to punish his wife for leaving him


    A Disney-loving six-year-old was drowned by her own father, who then killed himself to punish his wife for leaving him. Little Keziah Flux-Edmonds was drowned in the bathtub by her father Darren, 44. He also killed the family’s two terrier dogs, Arnie and Maximus, and placed his daughter’s lifeless body beside the pets in the master bedroom.

    The little girl was tragically found with her armed wrapped around her beloved pets. They were soaking wet and it is believed the father-of-one drowned the animals too before hanging himself.

    Flux-Edmonds was known to suffer from depression. He was supposed to be taking care of his daughter while his estranged wife went to work for an hour. However, 25 minutes after leaving home on the popular British tourist destination, the Isle of Wight, her mother Nikki received a message which chilled her to her core.


    The text said: “Congratulations. You have left me with nothing, I’ll leave you with only memories.” Unstable Flux-Edwards had been seeing a therapist to try to deal with mental health issues. It has now been revealed that he had spoken about having nightmares in which he dreamed about killing his wife and daughter.

    Mrs Flux-Edmonds had left her husband after 12 years of marriage and was living with his mother. She had been on her way to see a customer in her role as financial service administrator when she pulled over to read the message. She immediately called emergency services before turning around herself and driving back to her home.

    Police officers discovered Flux-Edmonds’ body first before finding little Keziah on the bed along with her pets. Paramedics bluelighted her to hospital but nothing could be done to save her and she died later the same day. The coroner concluded that Keziah had died as a result of unlawful killing and her father had killed himself.