Facebook’s 13% Leap Blows Away Competition


Last Thursday, the social media giant Facebook leaped ahead in pre-market trade by 13% blowing away ad sales that were boosted by the company’s quarterly results.  This upswing brings in an estimated $33 billion to the company’s market value.


It was the company’s mobile end that was an estimated 80% of the total ad revenue during the quarter in comparison to just 69% last year.  It makes sense as mobile is the fastest growing market and is putting desktops and laptops far behind.  Facebook’s present numbers show that out of the 1.59 billion active users of the website, 1.44 billion accessed it via a mobile device.


This 21% jump is of significance for several reasons.  As mentioned, mobile is the platform of choice and growing.  As mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets acquire newer technologies to make them more efficient and within the budget of consumers, the devices are being used at an alarming growth rate.  Facebook has spent the proper amount of time constructing their website as well as related items so that mobile access and use is as trouble free as possible.


Many people use Facebook for playing video games.  These games have to be mobile friendly as well thus allowing for people to not break their stride while surfing and entertaining themselves.  Businesses who use Facebook via mobile are also constructing their websites to accommodate the mobile surge.  Not having a mobile friendly website for your business or organization is like a death knell.  People will see the site and miss out on options and content.  Referring people to one’s Facebook page which should have links to one’s business pages means mobile friendly website and blog construction that can afford no errors.


The same goes for organizations like churches, schools, and charitable organizations.  While people are on the go they often hear of, or get emails or messages about a certain site or event they access via Facebook.  Facebook keeps on adding new features that are more mobile friendly than desktop.  When vital information is needed, the surfer, now using a mobile device can easily find and read a page as well as interact with it.


Content on Facebook like pics and videos are also easy to watch and interact with on mobile.  Sometimes by default, content is created for and applicable to mobile.


Facebook’s staff realized this early on and wisely made the proper accommodations.  Other companies sat on their hands and didn’t catch on.  Now they’re seeing this surge in value regarding Facebook and a new age is dawning.


With these present stats bowling over the investors and the market as a whole, you can bet analysts will be watching Facebook’s mobile market like a hawk.  Technicians as well as any complaints regarding mobile performance will show what needs to be tweaked for better performance.  Developers of software will be eagerly looking for data that they can exploit as well as internet marketers whose new lifeblood is being an active user of Facebook to communicate with customers and promote products.


It looks like the numbers so far are only going to accelerate in an upwardly mobile fashion, pun intended, and the revenue gained won’t just be to Facebook but to all who use Facebook responsibly for business.  That will boost the stock even more and don’t be surprised if the stock hits levels no one anticipated.