Facebook Allegedly Selling Data To Ad Companies Based On Emotional Interaction Online


The implications the internet has had on humanity since its mainstream initiation, has been a revolutionary element in mostly every aspect of the human being’s life. The concept has brought rapid advancement and facilitation to the scientific, social, economic and political aspects of the world.

Though, the most significant innovation so far has been social media which has resulted in an unparalleled global interconnectedness and has given the providing companies a unprecedented access to the most intimate and subconscious data of of all their members.

Authorities and the public have been since very concerned on how these companies are using and “abusing” their databanks and to what cause they can sell the informations.

Widespread uproar concerning ethics

Facebook is the biggest and most subscribed to social media platform in the world. The concern has seen a steady growth since its initiation and has managed to successfully turn its concept into one of the most profitable industries in the world.

The multi national company has found itself embezzled in the middle of several allegation and lawsuits that have attempted to bring down the entity but with no result.

Many of the initiatives taken by the multi-billion dollar company have resulted in a widespread uproar, specifically their sale of data for advertising purposes.

Facebook says: False claims

The most recent allegation directed at Facebook has stipulated that they sell data to advertisement companies that allow them to allocate their sales promotions to customers by their emotional conduct on the platform.

Facebook replied to the allegations in a post on their official page, explaining that it: “has an established process to review the research we perform. This research did not follow that process, and we are reviewing the details to correct the oversight. The research was based on data that was anonymous and aggregated”