Experts: A Third of Polar Bears Will Die Out by 2060


Scientists and environmentalists have expressed a mournful cautioning that approximately a third of the polar bear population is expected to die out within the upcoming 40 years.

Global Warming

This is a direct result from the drastic accelerating speed of the ice within the Arctic sea melting.

The research has forecasted that the validity of this matter has reached a mere 71% chance of likely to happen.

As global warming has taken its toll on almost all inhabitants on the planet, the ice in the Arctic regions have rapidly disappeared, causing major artificial transitions and shifts of temperature that all are affected by.

Polar bears are already referred to as an endangered species, and according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List, the population of polar bears as we know it reach up to 26,000.

Within the next few decades, thousands of them are predicted to disappear, as it is claimed by many scientists that the range of sea ice is expected to plummet between 20-95 percent.

The previous stated rate regarding how much sea ice cover observed between the years 1974 all the way till 2014 was about 1.26 days per year.


A study that was published in Biology Letters explained thoroughly that polar bears rely on the sea ice for a majority of their existence.

Any type of change or shift within the climate makes their lives susceptible and far more vulnerable to threatening their very existence.

It also mentioned that so long as greenhouse gases in colossal quantities continue in being released in the atmosphere, so will the chances of the Arctic sea ice in vanishing.

Another warning was released by the World Meteorological Organization sometime last month in which they announced the fact that between the years of 2011-2015, the temperatures that were documented within that time had been officially the warmest temperatures on record and still in 2016 it was likely to exceed the previous year’s record.