EU Will Negotiate with Britons to Stay in EU


As Britain has isolated itself more from Europe, negotiators from the European Union are stepping in and offering British citizens the chance to continue as EU citizens, which was a topic of interest during the negotiations of Brexit.

Originally this was a proposal that was to take effect in the long run, but has been fast forwarded by the chief of the matter, Guy Verhofstadt.

Mr. Verhofstadt stated the isolation of Britain from Europe will and has negative effects for its own citizens regarding the freedom of movement around Europe, in maintaining their work, in the right to vote for European Parliament candidates, and in assisting the youth who may want to leave Britain eventually and look elsewhere for their future.


This proposal has apparently raised hopes for British citizens so as not to be completely isolated from the EU. It is said that the British government are expected to grant such an offer for its individual citizens.

As of now, a report is underway regarding legal affairs with the European Parliament’s Committee, which suggests a reorganization of the EU assembly.

Mr. Verhofstadt announced to the committee that he will be dismissing the topic of amendment 882 from his report and instead will mention it when he is in the process of negotiation with the British government.

Catherine Bearder, Lib Dem MEP added to the matter by stating that this whole proposition will indeed bring back hope for the millions of British citizens who did not vote for leaving the EU.

“The fact this proposal is going ahead shows there remains a huge amount of goodwill towards Britain, despite the actions of this Conservative Brexit Government,” Ms. Bearder said.

In the original amendment it advocates that having your own individual European associate citizenship should be permitted for those who wish to work and live anywhere in Europe, and will be united with EU matters as well.