Enhanced Grocery Shopping with Kroger


Kroger grocery stores in the Cincinnati, Ohio area are getting major facelifts. They are aggressively moving towards “new age” grocery shopping. Something that the company plans to have at every grocery store in the near future.

As our mobile devices continue to receive upgrades, so does our lives and everything around them. Kroger is well aware of it, and they are getting their stores prepared for it. Here are some of the latest features that will keep people talking:

Home Delivery

We knew this would eventually happen. We just didn’t know when. It is possible that this service will be available in 2017. For the time being, Kroger is observing the results of third-party companies that offer this service (e.g. Grocery Runners). Customers that currently use the third-parties are pleased with its convenience. According to one customer, “It’s great. It brings fresh groceries right to your door. For busy people or those who can’t get out to the store.”

Currently, there is only a small percentage of consumers that take advantage of the service, but Kroger still has faith that this is the way business is going.


This is the definition of simplistic. It is a little handheld gadget that the shopper carries with them and they scan the barcodes of their products, as they pick them and bag them. The device maintains a tally of what your bill will be. This helps prevent overspending, while also making your checkout time a lot faster. According to Keith Dailey, Kroger spokesman, “When you get done with your shopping experience, instead of taking the products out of your cart and having them scanned by a cashier, you’ve already done the scanning and bagging.” So, you bag as you shop, go to the check out to pay the bill that is tallied on the device, and head for the car. No waiting required.