Elon Musk Plans To Link Human Brains With Computers In The Next Four Years


The tech innovator’s brand new company, named Neuralink, is planning the use of ‘neural laces’ the size of microns to connect human consciousness to interfaces of machines.

The founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, stated that the latest of his companies, Neuralink, has begun working on linking the human mind to machine interfaces by the creation of devices the size of microns.

Company and Goals

Neuralink aims to bring a product to the future market that will help people with specific brain injuries after strokes, lesions from cancer, and etc.within the next four years, said Musk in a recent interview with the website entitled Wait But Why.

“If I were to communicate a concept to you, you would essentially engage in consensual telepathy,” said Musk in his interview published Thursday.

He said during a tech conferance one year ago that artificial intelligence along with machine learning is set to create computers that are so sophisticated, they are almost godlike and that humans soon will require the implant of “neural laces” inside their braints in order to keep current.

“There are a bunch of concepts in your head that then your brain has to try to compress into this incredibly low data rate called speech or typing,” said Musk in the most recent interview.

“If you have two brain interfaces, you could actually do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person.”

Projected Timeframe

Must also said that the technology may take almost 8 to 10 years in order to be usable by those without any disabilities, which can depend on the timing of regulatory approvals and how functional and well these devices work with those with disabilities.

Last March, the Wall Street Journal had reported that the tech innovator launched a company that will focus on merging human brains and computers. Neuralink had been registered in the state of California as being a company for “medical research” last July, which he plans to fund predominately on his own.