Elon Musk declares that solar energy is the solution to Puerto Rico’s power grid


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has proclaimed that solar electricity is the solution for the post-hurricane power problems in Puerto Rico.

Tweeting via his twitter handle on Thursday, He said that the Tesla team developed solar grids for a lot of other smaller islands, but there is no limit to the scale or measure to which it can be done, so Puerto Rico can still engage the same scheme. “The decision to establish solar grid systems for the area would be in the hands of the Puerto Rican government, commercial stakeholders and foremostly the good people of Puerto Rico.”

Whatever solution to be offered by Tesla would be directed at bringing a lasting remedy to the power problems the city is suffering rather than a short term quick fix.

The current situation of power in PR

It has been recorded that after Hurricane Maria, 95% of Puerto Rico have been without power.

The Department of Defense said Wednesday on Wednesday that only an estimated 5.4% of the citizens of the island have access to power. Only 5.4 % of citizens on the island have electricity.

Just 14 hospitals in Puerto Rico had electricity as of Wednesday, while the other 51 were in need of power generators.

Tesla had done solar power and battery projects with the Kaua’i Island Utility cooperative based in Hawaii and also in American Samoa although for smaller populations.

Gov. Ricardo Rossello the Puerto Rico governor on Monday stated that it would take a minimum of one month to restore power to 25% of the households.

Puerto Rico’s electric also revealed that following the hurricane that some households may not have power for over four months.