El Nino Might Just Be One Of The Most Powerful Occasions In Written History


One of the most powerful El Niño occasions in written history may now be behind us.

Powered by a warm Arctic, a month ago was the second-hottest April in 137 years, NASA reported. This comes after the news that March and February were the second-hottest temperatures for those months on record.

El Nino

This year, temperatures may be decreasing compared to falling the high numbers of 2016, which was the hottest year in history, caused by El Niño. However, the ongoing heat is still making climate scientists worry.

Climates scientists aren’t concerned because of monthly or yearly temperature irregularities. The problem is the climatic developments happening over decades or centuries. Yet, when checking the past 20 years, researchers said it is clear and there is no pattern

Hottest years record

There are 17 years in record history considered as the hottest years. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 16 of them took place in the 21st century. The first five warmest years occurred since 2010.

Since the Industrial Revolution, NASA has confirmed that average temperatures all over the world are rising. Scientists believe this trend will continue.

Even though 2017 temperatures will be less hot than 2016 and the temperatures will incline a little bit, it will still be included in the hottest year in history.

In December, Chief of the Monitoring Branch of the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Information, Deke Arndt, said that because of global warming, “each new year is basically predestined to be among the warmest on record.”

Scientists believe that the reasons for global warming are the greenhouse gases we release such as carbon dioxide. These gases negatively influence our environment by causing rising sea levels, extreme weather temperatures as well as extinction.

A “hoax,” this is the nickname President Donald Trump gave to global warming. Leader of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, stated that CO2 is not the main reason for the world’s climate change.