Donald Trump happens to be a crook


On November 17, 1973, President Richard Nixon held a speech that was known for his exquisite praise: “I’m not a thief.” The breakthrough in the familiar expression was Nixon, who defended his aggressive strategy of avoiding but the statutory tax. “I made my mistakes, but in all my years of public life I never win, never use public service – I have earned every coin,” insisted. (Maybe it was half-truthful). “And in all my years of public life,” he continued, “I never obstructed justice.” (That was not true – a year before Nixon demanded an annulment of the CIA, an FBI Watergate investigation.)

Donald Trump denied Nixon

Who was involved in the obstruction of justice, although it is clear (and causing the intelligence to push back to reports from the FBI’s FBI Director on Russia-Investigation to shoot his own entry). Unlike Nixon, Trump does not deny the benefit of public service. It does so exaggerated and extravagant.

If the normal president, rather than the one who caused the accident unprecedented, the Trump open user could get media coverage of five alarms and threats of persecution. The Washington Post recently reported that Trump’s budget proposes funding for a wide range of low-income programs, which is an exception, a program that uses its own business.

The story unites these shady shades with Trump Lynne Patton – A wedding at the Trump family, which has zero relevant experience and distorted biography of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in New York, Trump is too suspicious in its memory budget for The favoring program uses your business, then install personal loyal wild unqualified in a position where you could protect your cash flow. This scandal alone could not shake the Trump presidency to the ground.

Trump, who feel encouraged to find the first fundraising campaign for his re-election campaign at his Washington hotel,. Trump Hotel Washington has already raised money to lobbyists and the public at home and abroad, trying to curry the favor of the first family officials.

Trump has gotten away with him because his party has shown in keeping it null interest. The GOP Congress has abolished their investigations or processes of speculation that produce their tax returns. Now the party elite literally bribed an event connecting its public functions and its own portfolio mast.

The story has forgotten most of what Nixon said after his famous line: “I’m not a thief I’ve earned everything I have” The premise that the statement was a president who is enriched by the office is a swindler. What does Donald Trump mean?