Donald Trump gets the support of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey for using the social media platform


Donald Trump’s policies have been a dislike for the politically progressive Silicon Valley, but the executives of the social network, Twitter, have professed their support for President Trump’s often use of their social media.

What did Jack Dorsey say?

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey on the Sunday’s episode of the NBC show ‘Today,’ voiced out his opinion that he believes that Trump’s frequent use of Twitter has significant positive political effects.
In a bid to emphasize on his statement, he further said that it’s better to hear from the leadership directly, as such, hold them accountable. Then again, making these conversations open that people can get react to it is way better than conversations in secret. He insinuated that President Trump has indeed found a helpful tool.
Jack pointed out that without the use of proper social media platform as the Twitter, political discourse will go in the dark, and this is not right.
This statement came not long after Twitter’s chief financial and operating officer, Anthony Noto urged the White House to make even more of use of the social media platform.

In a recent tweet by Donald Trump where he stated that he was thinking of completely removing the frequent press briefings in the White House. Anthony proffered a solution to this idea by suggesting that questions should be submitted through Twitter, and the answers dished out via the same social media platform. Stating via his Twitter account, he said that this would be made available to the world and not only people who have a TV.
During an earnings conference in a recent time, Twitter leaders said that the social media platform had experienced a rise in users; they attributed this increase to the frequent use of the platform for political discourse during the President Trump’s first weeks in the White House.

The company recorded an additional 9 million users to the already existing users, making it up to a whole 328 million active users.
Noto further explained that it is clear that the platform has experienced new and resurrected users who follow the political account and news in the first quarter, especially in the United States – and this has remained beneficial to twitter.
A report by the San Francisco Company started its first decline in quarterly revenue in the first quarter as compared to the previous year. However, Twitter has held so many people in astonishment after declaring a deal to make itself more of a video destination with Bloomberg Media.