Dogs could strengthen a child’s defence against asthma and eczema


Singapore: Babies and children with dogs at home may be safe from asthma and allergic eczema.

According to the results shared by research, Babies and little children with dogs at home may have a higher chance at not getting eczema or asthma. These results were delivered on the 26th of at the annual ACAAI meeting (American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunity).
It was discovered that babies born of women who had dogs when they were pregnant were shielded from eczema.

Dr GagandeeoCheema opined that despite the fact that eczema is mostly found in children if there is a connection between food allergies, nasal allergies and the said skin infection is undetermined for now. The research was carried out to verify if there was a protection upon children because of the presence of these loved house pets.

The bittersweet results

Of the second study, it was held that the bacteria from dogs might be responsible for the protective effect in children against symptoms of asthma. However, the said gain must be compared with the possible allergies caused by dogs in children due to the impact of dog protein.

This observation of good and not-so-good results of dog exposure on children makes such exposure unadvised for kids with asthma who may have allergic reactions.