Doctors find 27 contact lenses in a British woman’s eye during cataract surgery


It came as a surprise to a woman who was scheduled to undergo cataract surgery that she has 27 contact lenses in her eye. The routine medical procedure – cataract surgery, turned out to be an unusual one when doctors discovered 17 contact lenses layered together in the eye of a 67 years or British woman.

Specialists speak about the rare case

Speaking to Optometry Today, a trainee that was involved in the case said that the British woman never complained about her contact lenses. Rupal Morjaria said that the 17 contact lenses layered together formed a large mass. She added that the healthcare personnel involved in the case were astonished that the patient didn’t notice that she had such number of contact lenses, as it would be a sort of irritation if she had known.

Surgeon finds more ten contact lenses

When a surgeon examined the woman’s eye with a microscope, 10 more contact lenses were found, this was disclosed in an article published on July in The BMJ. There were fears that complications may arise from bacteria from the lenses. As such, the surgery was postponed.

According to the woman’s ophthalmologists, the weaker vision in her deep set eyes and her right eyes may be the cause of her leaving many contact lenses in her eye. The patient whose cataract surgery was scheduled to hold on November of last year said that she thought that her poor vision was as a result of her old age and dried eyes.

Morjaria said the woman was surprised at the findings, as she has been wearing disposable contact lenses for about 35 years. Admitting her abstinence from regular eye checkups, Morjaria said the doctors wanted to campaign the need for regular eye checks by publicizing the woman’s case. She reported that her eye felt a lot more right.