Do you have a 2p coin worth £100?


A British 2p coin has just sold for £100 on the auction site eBay. While Britain has been going crazy for the new £5 notes, with some changing hands for thousands after an artist decided to create an artwork on the clear plastic part, a 2p has been sold for 5,000 times its face value.

And, it may well be that you have one of the 2ps in your piggy bank. The valuable coin is the 1983 New Pence 2p coin. The reason it is worth so much is it is rare because of a mistake made during production. An error means that a few of the coins made in 1983 still have New Pence written on them, so are worth much more than their actual value.


Other British coins to look out for are 20p coins which are not marked with any date. In 2008, the royal mint decided to move the date from the back to the front of the coin. But a mistake meant that somewhere between 50,000 to 200,000 coins ended up in circulation without any date on at all.

Olympic coins


Fifty pence coins brought out to mark the London 2012 Olympics are also worth keeping an eye out for. While those depicting most of the sports are worth somewhere in the region of £3 to £4. However, the most valuable one is the aquatic sports coin, which shows water passing over a swimmer’s face. Only 600 were released with this design on before the face was changed to make the swimmer more visible. These coins can fetch up to £3,000 a auction.


Meanwhile, collectors have been paying hundreds of bounds for the very first batch numbers of the new £5 note. Four £5 notes said to be in current circulation are worth even more than that – up to £50,000 – after artist Graham Short engraved designs on them before they were deliberately released back into circulation.