Do you drive a Mercedes? If so, your car could be using 56 per cent more fuel than manufacturer claims


German car giant Mercedes has been named and shamed for claims over fuel consumption not living up to reality. According to a report by the Transport and Environment’s Mind the Gap, the Mercedes A and E classes are using 56 per cent more fuel on the road that sales brochure claims.

The latest damning report comes after Mercedes diesel engines were found to be emitting four times the legal limit for nitrogen oxide during tests last year. According to automotive industry figures, motorists end up paying £460 extra per year in fuel costs than claimed in sales brochures.

Mercedes was named as the worst offender, with its C class model using 54 per cent more fuel than claimed. The VW Passat, meanwhile, came in at 46 per cent more. Fuel efficiency tests are done in a lab and are clearly prone to error.

Greg Archer, the clean vehicles director of Transport and Environment, slammed car manufacturers for decieving motorists and flouting environmental regulations. He said it was vital that investigations were launched into Mercedes and Audi to find out if they were using some sort of device to cheat emissions and fuel tests.


It is not the first time Mercedes has come under fire. Last year four manufacturers – Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Honda – were discovered to be making vehicles which emitted much more pollution in real life situations that in a laboratory situation.

Mercedes was also the centre of claims in a lawsuit earlier this year that it had sold diesel cars in America which gave out excess nitrogen oxide. The legal action said that Mercedes claim to have the world’s cleanest diesel technology was false.

Lawyers are likening the issues Mercedes is facing to the scandal which engulfed Volkswagen over emissions. However, a spokesperson for Mercedes said there was no basis for the legal action and the firm would be defending itself.