Devastated grandmother finds grandson’s body in her house two years after he vanished


A shocked grandmother has made the gruesome discovery of finding her dead grandson in her own house two years after he suddenly disappeared.

Sixty-five-year-old Zanobia Richmond from Erie, Pennsylvania, went upstairs to investigate after hearing a bang coming from her attic. She then found the horrifically decomposed corpse of her grandson Dyquain Rogers, who had not been seen since 2014.

The body had falled against the attic door, making a noise. While it was badly decomposed, the Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook is understood to be satisfied that it is the body of her grandson. Mr Rogers’ mother Carol said she had believed that he had left Erie.

Mr Rogers was only 21 when he was last seen alive. Concerns were raised when he did not arrive for his management post and his family also found his phone, wallet and his glasses at his grandmother’s home.


His family said they had not given up hope of him returning home, even though his final posts on social media indicated that he was troubled. His last statement on Facebook said: “I have been having the worst luck lately.” In an earlier post he said: “People are acting strange lately and thats why I’m doing it for me not them”.

His loved ones organised a series of search parties in a bid to find him. But he was not found, until now. So far, a cause of death has not been announced, but a post mortem examination has been ordered.

While police say they believe his death was a suicide, his family says he would not have killed himself. It is not clear how it took two years for the body to be discovered, with many people pointing out in comments and social media that there would surely have been a smell which could have alerted residents to his whereabouts.