Denmark Expects Choi Soon-sil’s Daughter Extradition Request


Denmark is expecting an extradition request from South Korea to extradite the daughter of Choi Soon-sil.  She is at the centre of a corruption scandal that involves the impeachment of South Korea’s president, Park Guen-hye.

Chung Yoo-ra was arrested today after she failed to return home to answer questions on the scandal.  Seoul requested the help of Interpol.  She was detained in Aalborg.

Chung, 20, part of the national equestrian team, was detained on charges of being in Denmark illegally.  Police have said she would be detained “until the issue of extradition is decided upon”.

The Scandal focuses on allegations that Park allegedly allowed Choi, her confidante, to meddle in state affairs and extort companies.  It is believed that Choi was allowed to appoint officials to top posts.  The incident has resulted in her impeachment and public outcry.

Chung, who won gold in dressage in the 2014 Asian Games is believed to have taken advantage of her mother’s relationship with Park.  She was admitted to Ewha Womans University at the expense of students with better qualifications.

According to Lee Chul-sung, head of Korea National Police Agency, her extradition was in the works.  South Korea has an extradition treaty with Denmark.

Lee Kyung-jae, Choi and Chung’s lawyer said, “When Chung Yoo-ra returns, I will ensure that she fully cooperates with the special prosecution’s investigation.”

Choi is rumoured to be known as South Korea’s “female Rasputin” due to the influence she is rumoured to have.

Park has always denied the accusations saying she has been completely framed. She became South Korea’s first woman president and is currently fighting for her political life.

The investigation has also embroiled electronic giant, Samsung.  It is alleged that they wanted support of the state pension in a major shareholder vote, and in return they agreed to fund other projects, including bank rolling Chung’s riding career.

Chung is expected to be extradited soon.