Defector States that North Koreans Need U.S. Help To downfall Kim Jong Un


    The US government should use words and information to help North Koreans in their war against Kim Jong-Un and not with military actions, a North Korean diplomat announced on Wednesday.

    To defeat Kim Jong-Un’s administration, the United States must be ready to focus more on spreading information to the general population, He said.

    Kids in North Korea bow before gigantic portraits representing the superior leaders of the Kim’s Administration – a ceremonial display of loyalty and obedience that symbolizes Kim Jong-Un’s tactics to protect his unchallenged grasp on power.

    Kim Jong Un, his dad Kim Jong II and granddad Kim II Sung have carefully designed and developed the discernment that they are divine monarchs and combined power by shielding the North Korean populace from the interference of the outside world and controlling the nation’s welfare system.

    Information would be more effective than military actions

    The United State lawmakers must begin a low-tech information publicity within the securely closed North Korea instead of attacking the nation with guns and bombs. Thae Yong Ho, a former North Korea diplomat who fled to South Korea last year, advised the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    “We can’t really change the approach of fear of Kim’s administration. However, we can edify North Korean populace to stand up by spreading information,” Jong-ho said. “The US spends billions of dollars managing the military threat, but spends a very tiny fraction on information involving North Korea.”

    President Trump and Kim in recent months have made threats to attack, stirring fears in the air that there could be a nuclear war. This is a traditional approach which would not be effective against a rogue state. The use of modern strategy – the power of information sharing via smuggling of literature into the country -, however, could work.