Death prediction becomes possible with the new artificial intelligence system – study


There is a new step forward in the artificial intelligence niche; scientists have developed a system that can predict one’s death time by taking a look at the images of one’s organs.

The artificial intelligence system is a product of the researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia. The system worked at an accuracy of 69% when it was put to the test to analyse the chest image of about 48 patients; it gave a prediction of those who will die before five years. Researchers said that the work and prediction of this machine can be commensurate with that of the clinicians.

More on the new system

A Ph.D. student of the University of Adelaide, Luke Oakden-Rayner while emphasizing on the benefits of the new system pointed out that it will help in future prediction, as such cause the health care providers to give tailored medication to the patient. He added that the system helps the doctors’ inability to look into the body system and organs. Then again, he stated that their research went deep into the use of in-depth learning with computers to decipher and analyze images.
While the study carried out were on few patients, research has it that the system can recognize the complexity of disease images which humans have to undergo extensive training to achieve.

Although researchers were not able to pick out what the system was made out of the picture, it showed confident results for patients who experienced severe diseases such as congestive heart failure and emphysema.
Oakden also stated that the new system helps in diagnosis way more than doctors can diagnose – this is achieved by incorporating large data and subtle pattern detection.

Bottom line

The new system creates ways of incorporating artificial intelligence in analyzing medical images, causing the increased probability of early detection of ailment that may need tailored treatment. Hopefully, the researchers will put into work, the same methods to see into other health conditions like the initial stages of heart problems.