Data breaches in the Equifax credit agency are threatening 143 million Americans


Equifax, one of the leading credit reporting agencies and hence has a large cache of sensitive private information that has been recently dropped, has allowed 143 million Americans to steal sensitive data.

The New York Times reported that today’s cyber attack, which took place from mid-May 2017 until July 29, the date of discovery of the decline. What makes the attack particularly problematic, Equifax is a business-like clearing house of sensitive credit information, including social security numbers, driver’s license, and other data numbers that can be used in various ways to harm the affected person.

This is not the first attack on Equifax. The previous W-2 failure from giant credit records and other attacks was executed against company affiliates. This injury, however, is far more important than the company.

As Pamela Dixon, Executive Director of the Global Unprofitable Research Group, Global Privacy Forum, said in a statement that “this is as serious as possible.” If you have a credit report, you’re probably in that breach and the chances are over 50%. ”

According to a statement released to US War Menace Mark Warren

The Equifax attack poses important questions on the government’s role in responding to an enduring threat to personal information.

“While many have often heard new data breaches every few weeks, the scope of this violation – the inclusion of social security numbers, birthdays, address numbers, and recognition of almost half of the US population – poses a serious suspicion that Congress should not just create a unique standard for data that they are inconsistent, but should Congress re-examine data protection, companies like Equifax have fewer incentives to gather important and highly sensitive centralized data sets such as the number of social security and credit card information of a million Americans”.