Customers that are White supremacists condemned by Papa John’s


After the series of rants by John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s and a resident of Louisville, where he blamed the protests by the NFL for the poor sales they have been making, they were claimed by a publication that considered whites to be superior beings.

Daily Stormer shared in a blog post a photo of a pizza that was arranged in a swastika and that had pepperonis in it with a caption suggesting it was owned by the ‘Alt-right.’

“This is going to go on record for the first time in a long while where because of the rage of the masses against the all-white agenda, a major establishment is going to be put out of business,” Adrian Sol, a writer with the Daily Stormer wrote, in trying to speak of the repercussions against the NFL.

Papa John’s senior director of public relations, Peter Collins, announced that the company was alarmed by the attack and were not anticipating such response.

“Racism is condemned by us in every form it comes, and we as well don’t give aids or endorse any of its hate groups,” Collins shared with Courier-Journal. “We do not welcome these individuals or even crave their patronage”.

Clear drop in expected sales

Third quarter sales digits were made public by the pizza producing enterprise last week that indicated a reduced rate of growth and sales in locations around North America this year. The reductions oppose their anticipations for at least a two percent increase this year. Last year, there was a recorded increase of sales in the same area during this period, an increase of over five percent.

The shares owned by Papa John’s in NASDAQ dropped in value by a whopping 8.6% this past week and down by 23 percent on the projected increase this year as the company brings down its hopes for increased growth.