Crashed Drone Is A Security Wake Up Call For White House


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Pose Severe Security Threats

On Monday, a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) crashed into the grounds of White House. The incident has again bought into the spotlight the security threats being faced by White House.  The Secret Service said that the drone was 2-foot-long “quadcopter” that posed no threat to White House security. As Missy Cummings, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University, said, “I do think it’s a wake-up call for the government to start thinking about how it will protect against this type of thing — it’s important for the government and the military in general,” “This [White House drone] was harmless, but in the future it might not be.”

‘Interceptor’ Drones Maybe Added To Fight UAVs

Researchers have said that the only way to fight the UAVs is to include a new breed of ‘interceptor’ drones. The favored one is the Rapere drone that can hover over a target drone and lower a “tangle-line” to disable its rotor blades. It also has 12 cameras that can point in every direction. It also has range-imaging technique called ‘structure from motion’ to reach its target.

Wireless Technology To Combat UAVs An Option As Well

Other than Rapere, another technology that is doing the rounds is that of wireless technology. This technology will help the authorities to locate UAVs and also identify IP addresses associated with the devices. Scott Schober, who is the CEO of Metuchen, said that the company’s Yellowjacket tablet Wi-Fi analyzer can get the exact location of a drone and also that of the pilot. Till date, the only information found about the drone is that it was being used for recreational purpose and crashed in the White House by accident.