Couple who left daughter with horrific brain injuries before talking about going to Nandos are jailed


A despicable mother and father who left their baby daughter with horrendous brain injuries which will cut her life short have been sent to jail.

The little girl has been left blind and is expected to need to be fed through a tube for the rest of her short life. She will not be able to walk and be wheelchair-bound. Despite that, her parents have only been given short jail terms.

Her father Rocky Uzzell is likely to serve three years, while her mother Katherine Prigmore will probably spend 14 months behind bars, provided they both behave while in jail. The little girl was admitted to Kettering General Hospital two years ago. Once there, doctors found she had swelling to her brain and injuries which suggest she was squeezed or squashed in some way. She had broken ribs and a broken arm.


Northampton Crown Court heard that the pair were more worried about going to Nandos for chicken rather than the health and welfare of their daughter. Hospital staff said both of them were acting oddly. Rather than being worried about their baby, they were overheard talking about going to Nandos.

Judge Rupert Mayo sentenced Uzzell, 29, of Kettering to a jail term of six years, although it is likely he will be out much earlier with good behaviour.  The judge said that the harm caused was both deliberate and inexcusable.

He added: Isabelle has limited life expectancy and will lead a life dependent on the care of others. She was injured on more than one occasion by you. The judge said that Uzzell had a “warped view” of parenting.

Uzzell pleaded guilty to injuring his daughter and to possessing indecent images of children. To Prigmore, the judge gave a 28-month jail term, saying that she should have put her daugther before her own needs. The couple are likely to serve only half of their jail time behind bars before being released on licence.