Comparing Ben Carson to a Rapper is the Wrong Choice


Recently, CNN intellectual Marc Lamont Hill contrasted Ben Carson with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah. In any case, this case is somewhat extraordinary; at its center, Hill’s contention is sound.

“Leadership skills are not transferable,” Hill contended, asserting that Carson being a neurosurgeon does not qualify him to be the head of Housing and Urban Development. “Like, Ghostface Killah is the pioneer of Wu-Tang Clan. Isn’t that so? LeBron James is the pioneer of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Doesn’t mean they ought to be the pioneer of Housing and Urban Development.” This is some strong rationale that is totally lost on our new Executive Branch.

However, here’s the issue: Ghostface Killah is not the pioneer of the Wu-Tang Clan. Having framed Wu-Tang Clan in the mid ’90s, RZA has been the true pioneer of the rap gather for over 20 years. He’s additionally delivered almost every collection by the gathering and the performance endeavors by the individual individuals. Yes, Ghostface is seemingly the best MC in the gathering and the most obvious part with the most acclaimed solo profession, however he’s not the pioneer of the Wu-Tang Clan. That resembles saying Spider-Man is the pioneer of the Avengers or John Elway was the head mentor of the 1998 Denver Broncos.

In any case, we should not get diverted by hip-jump semantics, since it’s additionally important to note that it’s hazardous to contrast our dark pioneers with criminal rappers. We should rather concentrate on his next point. “Leaving open lodging doesn’t make you met all requirements to run open lodging,” Hill said. “By that rationale, half of dark America ought to be the head of HUD.”