Coco’s Family, Music, and Memories celebrated


As shown in Coco, Miguel, a young Mexican boy (Anthony Gonzalez voiced) aspires to play the guitar and to sing just the way his hero does, Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt), a good-looking, renowned performer who passed on at a young age and left a legacy of songs, memories and even movies. But the family in which is Miguel is from which composed of unassuming cobblers and shoemakers; they had banned music, following the mysterious death of their great-great-grand dad who had left one day for a gig and never return back to Coco his wife, that is, Miguel’s grandmother.

As it is shared by Miguel in the opening sequence of the movie, “our family is the only one that doesn’t appreciate music” Miguel’s dad would rather have him become a shoemaker. But in Miguel’s plans, there are other desires, hopes, and dreams. He goes against the wish of his family and makes a handcrafted guitar, watching old videos made of de la Cruz in secret and in bliss goes ahead to play along, following the song, “Remember me” especially, a song that was the signature tune of the singer. Miguel’s Father finds the guitar and destroys it.

Coco in the land of the Dead

Although Miguel’s instrument for may be shattered, that does not mean his spirit is also broken. The night his guitar was smashed, he runs away from home. It’s Dia de Muertos, the annual event where Mexicans celebrate the dead, and on that night something extraordinary happens. In stealing De la Cruz’s guitar so that he can join in a competition, a magical curse is unleashed on him in which he is lead to the enchanted land that belongs to the dead.

To come back home, the blessings of his family must be gotten by him, and that is not an easy thing to do. Reason everyone on the Family’s side but dead and alive are against it and Miguel wishes to play music.