Chuck Schumer calls on the Feds to investigate on Snortable Chocolates


    Sen. Charles Schumer has called out the Feds to investigate the health effects of the snortable chocolates as it is dangerous to the human health.

    The raw cacao powder blended with specific energy inducers – Coko Loko is sold like a drug and should be under check, this was included in a letter written by Sen. Charles Schumer to the Food and Drug Administration on Saturday.

    Possible health effects of Coko Loko

    Schumer added that little is known about the caffeinated powder youths have been craving for in the past few months. Schumer pointedly said that the suspect product has no apparent value it adds to the human health. And no rational parent would advocate their children snort over-the-counter stimulants up their nose.

    At the moment, FDA is yet to announce if it has the right to regulate the chocolate in a snuff form. However, the producers of Coko Loko, Legal Lean still say that the snortable chocolates offer the party types the energy to dance all night without a crash. They also claim that it produces mental clarity and makes its users bask in euphoria.

    Coko Loko is made of Bilbao, Guarana and Taurine, as well other ingredients present in energy drinks. The tubs of snortable chocolate which sells for $19.99 did not seek any comment.

    The founder of the company, Nick Anderson says that there’s no negative publicity about the product, as such, the firm is good to go.