Chopard’s stunning 2018 Red Carpet Collection


Hold onto your hats, fashionistas: Chopard’s “sneak peek” sketch of its upcoming collection promises magnificent creative trend setting.

Pushing the Envelope at the Cannes Film Festival

Chopard‘s 2018 Red Carpet Collection, pioneered and designed by Caroline Scheufele, brings gorgeous red carpet inspired fashions to life. The carpet features seventy-one creations, each uniquely designed to complete the formal look of a high profile actress. The collection will be revealed at the Cannes International Film Festival, the largest film festival in the world, between May 8th and May 19th.

The collection is one of the most ambitious that the Swiss company has created to date. But risk-taking and vivid imagination aren’t anything new for designer Caroline Scheufele. She has directed and created a high fashion jewellery collection annually for the past eleven years, and each year seeks to outdo her previous masterpieces.

Pushing the boundaries of fashion and creativity is an intrinsic part of Caroline Scheufele’s work ethic. As Chopard’s creative director and co-president, she helms and approves all of the company’s creative decisions. Her refusal of complacency and willingness to think outside the box are two qualities that have consistently made Chopard an industry leader in jewellery design.

In 2017, Chopard celebrated 20 years of partnership with the world’s most glamorous film event.

The company has been a Cannes Festival partner for more than twenty years. Each year, acclaimed jewellery pieces are created from ethically mined gold and gemstones. Caroline Scheufele draws infinite inspiration annually, combining her enthusiasm for film with her endless passion for design. While this year’s collection hasn’t yet been revealed, Caroline Scheufele has offered a tantalizing teaser with just one released sketch.

The Sketch

The sketch illustrates the creative concept behind the collection’s first piece. It’s maddening not to see the finished product or know which actress will sport such a fabulous design, but that just makes the impending reveal more exciting!

Chopard Red Carpet Collection
Sketch of Chopard’s 2018 Red Carpet Collection

The sketch shows a stunning necklace made from real feathers. The full design depicts the incredible feather necklace paired with a sculpted cameo adorned with spiraling precious stones. The resulting effect is an artistically rendered, masterfully intricate portrait of modern glamour that perfectly encapsulates 2018’s fashion trends.

The piece’s inspiration comes from the crafts, traditional skills, and costumes of the indigenous peoples inhabiting the Mongolian Plateau. Scheufele aims to honor these indigenous cultures and craftsmanship by using the Cannes Festival platform to elevate their history and visibility.

What can we glean about the rest of the collection through this sketch? One thing is certain: These designs push the envelope. Scheufele’s creative genius promises that none of the seventy-one creations will be anything the fashion world has seen before.

Chopard’s Unique Industry Model

Chopard is a family owned and operated jewellery and watch company. The company elevates the art inherent in high fashion through cutting-edge accessories, high jewellery, and other luxury pieces. Chopard’s design and manufacturing has been setting trends and making bold statements for more than twenty years.

The most interesting aspect of Chopard’s business model is their heightened ethical guidelines. Not only does the company adhere to strict environmental standards, but they have combed through their business operations at all levels to eliminate unethical practices. All materials are sourced from ethically operated mines and environments. All employees adhere to a strict code of conduct and are encouraged to make environmentally friendly decisions in their personal lives.

Most of all, much of Chopard’s design highlights real-world issues that require attention. This elevates Chopard’s collections from merely “pretty accessories” to true artwork: every piece makes an individual statement.

The company’s practices are far from performative; every level of business goes above and beyond legal environmental and ethical standards. Not only do the executives strive for excellence in their own business practices, but they also require all suppliers and distributors to adhere to a strict code of conduct. This is just one more way that the executive team uses their influence to reshape the industry.

Chopard pledges commitment to 100% ethical Gold as of July 2018.

It’s especially important to consider the company’s business model when viewing this gorgeous 2018 Red Carpet Collection. The sneak peek sketch makes it obvious that no design elements suffer from a comprehensive ethical approach to fashion. This sets Chopard apart from many other high fashion and jewellery designers. Over and over again, business executives use the time-tested excuse: “It’s too impractical to implement environmental policy.” But Chopard’s success is living proof that environmentally conscious design is not only practical — it’s essential to keep up with ever-changing modernization and shifting fashion trends.

If this sneak peek sketch is any indication of the quality and creativity to come, Chopard’s 2018 Red Carpet Collection will be making fashion headlines for months. If only we didn’t have to wait until May to view it all!