Chinese state newspaper says that trade relations probe Trump gift


US President Donald Trump’s command to his top trade advisers investigated China’s unfair trade practices “are othervit” alleged relations between the two countries, the Chinese government’s list said on Monday.

Trump will be given later on Monday an order to determine whether China’s business practices, US companies, forcing China to do intellectual property, senior officials said Saturday.

The measure, which could lead to high tariffs on Chinese products, occurs at a time when the Trump asked China to take more to prevent North Korea’s nuclear program threat of possible military action against Pyongyana.

Trump said he would be more comfortable if easy to go aggressive in stopping North Korea in Beijing

In the editorial, the official China Daily newspaper said that Trump’s critical management brings no clear decision that will be of interest.

“Due to foreign policy transactional approach wins, it is impossible to see anything, regardless of growing frustration by what he sees as the failure of the Chinese on the harmonization of the DPRK,” the English language.

“However, the United States instead of the interests of progress, the politicization of competition only worsens the country’s economic problems and the general relations of the United States to poison.”

An administration official insists on diplomacy over North Korea and a potential trading probe was “fully independent”, and said the action was trade there is no pressure tactics.

China Daily said the unfair Trump to exert the charge in China for Pyongyang to discourage its actions

“Try to incriminate Beijing as an accomplice in the DKPK nuclear adventure and responsible for the failure of which to risk the failure of all interested parties, Trump serious mistakes separation of the international coalition, which is a means to the peaceful settlement of the problem ” He said.
“I hope Trump finds a different path. Things get even more difficult when Beijing and Washington each attack.”