Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Is Challenging Matthew Perry To Rematch: “Who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler?’


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has challenged Matthew Perry to fight a rematch over Twitter this past Saturday.

The proposition arrived after Perry mentioned their schoolyard brawl in Canada as kids during their 5th grade year.

‘I’ve been giving it some thought, and you know what, who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler?’ said Trudeau in a tweet this April Fools’ Day. ‘How about a rematch?’

Perry’s Recount

Perry remembered the story of when he and his classmate Chris Murray had ‘beat up’ young Trudeau as they all attended elementary school with each other in Canada during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 15th March.

‘I have a story about him that I’m not proud of,’ said Perry to the host regarding the heartthrob world leader. ‘We actually beat up Justin Trudeau.’

The host had been shocked to discover the news, and badgered Perry about the reasons behind doing something like that.

‘I think he was excelling in a sport that we weren’t, so it was pure jealousy,’ said Perry. ‘And we, ya know, we beat him up.’


Kimmel reminded the audience that the father of Trudeau’s was Canada’s Prime Minister during that time.

‘I don’t think that’s the reason we beat him up,’ he said. ‘I think he was the only kid in school that we could beat up.’

According to him, young Trudeau hadn’t been protected with any sort of national security in school during those times.

‘That would never happen to Barron Trump,’ said Kimmel. ‘You’d be in the stockade right now. You’d be in Russia somewhere.’

Also Perry made sure not to send the wrong message and condone any sort of violence.

‘I was a stupid kid. I didn’t want to beat him up,’ he mentioned. ‘In fact, I think at one point I tried to turn it into love play.’

‘I think I was rather instrumental in him going to such great heights and becoming the Prime Minister,’ Perry said. ‘I think he said I’m gonna rise above this and become Prime Minister.’

Perry has yet to respond PM Trudeau’s tweet requesting a rematch.