Can Brexit really be stopped? Tony Blair seems to think so


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Brexit could still be halted. Marking a return to politics in the UK, Mr Blair said there was still time to stop divorce proceedings from the EU, if that is what the British people wanted.

He said if people were now having second thoughts, Brexit was not a runaway train which could not be halted, but that there was still time to put the brakes on.

Mr Blair, one of Britain’s most controversial Prime Ministers because of his stance on Iraq, said he would not be coming back to frontline politics but he did wish to “create the space for a political debate about where modern western democracies go and where the progressive forces particularly find their place”.

He said that he was not making any predictions either way, but it was still possible that the June decision could be overturned. He explained: “It can be stopped if the British people decide that, having seen what it means, the pain-gain, cost-benefit analysis doesn’t stack up.”

Mr Blair added: “Either you get maximum access to the single market, in which case you’ll end up accepting a significant number of the rules on immigration, on payment into the budget, on the European court’s jurisdiction. People may then say, ‘Well, hang on, why are we leaving then?’

“Or alternatively, you’ll be out of the single market and the economic pain may be very great because, beyond doubt, if you do that you’ll have years, maybe a decade, of economic restructuring.”

He said that so far, the Brexit process had been totally illogical. He described it as like agreeing to a house swap without ever having seen the other person’s property. Mr Blair said he beieved while those in the Remain campaign had looked at it from an ideological perspective, they may well change their minds if looking at the practicalities.