Caitriona Perry irish reporters unexpected encounter with trump


Caitriona Perry an Irish reporter had a surprising encounter with Donald Trump, US president during his conversation with Leo Varadkar the prime minister on phone.

Mr Trump telling Mr Varadkar, Irish media called over RTE’s Washington correspondent in the Oval office. She carry a smiling face so I am sure she attends to you properly, he said.

According to the reporters, Mr varadkar kept Mr Trump waiting for about 90 seconds before picking his call. There was a little delay, said Mr Varsdkar, this can be accounted to time taking in putting the call through to Trump.

From Tuesday footage showing Mr Trump beckoning to Ms Perry, telling Mr Varadkar that all the Irish beautiful press are in our country. In a moment we are outside the window and the following moment I’m to meet the United States president, said Ms Perry to RTE. There are possibility of shooting from outside, through the white house window. This is our expectation instead of this, I was invited to answer the presidents call to the Taoiseach.

On entering, the united states president was already on the line, but I was able to cash up his eye then president called me over. The following year Mr Varadkar were ask over for the SY Patrick’s day celebration through their conversation.

The united states president, using that medium to congratulate Mr Varadkar on his victory

The newly elected Ireland president Mr Varadkar was said to be the youngest and Ireland and openly gay leader. There are many people from Trelaon in the united states, I know all of them, said Mr Trump. I just want to congratulate you on your victory, that was great.

Mr Varadkar spoke person said the call conversation like for 15minute on a max. There was no discussion of Mr Trump visiting Ireland as both agreed to see each other by march in white House. During the conversation, Mr Varadkar raised the problem of undocumented Irish and the two also talked about trade and climatic changes. The spokesman also said Trump was concerned about peace process and Irish border post-Brexit.