Buzz Aldrin Hospitalized Over Weekend, Finds Out He is in Fact Oldest Person Ever To Visit South Pole


Buzz Aldrin, 86, the second man to walk on the moon, was hospitalized this week after falling ill during a touristic trip to Antarctica.

He is currently recovering in stable condition in a hospital in New Zealand after being airlifted out of McMurdo station, a U.S. research center on the frozen continent’s coast.

“Ailing” Aldrin

The American tour company responsible for arranging his trip, White Desert, stated that the former astronaut was responding well to antibiotics after his lungs filled with fluid, causing him to fall ill.

Previously, Aldrin was seen boarding a medical plane at the Antarctic base in a wheelchair an wearing an oxygen max. White Desert reported his condition at the time as “ailing”.

Surrounded by Friends

His manager and travel partner Christina Korp, accompanied him to the hospital and kept him in good spirits. She tweeted:

‘I just told @TheRealBuzz that the #NSF said he now holds the record as the oldest person to reach the South Pole He’ll be insufferable now’

NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman visited him in the New Zealand hospital and posted pictures on Twitter of herself and a pajama-clad Aldrin giving the thumbs up.

‘I had a surprise visitor this morning. My longtime friend… She beat me to the South Pole by one day,’ Aldrin Tweeted.

Aldrin’s manager also posted, “I did want to let people know that he did make it to the South Pole which was his objective. Thnx for prayers!” alongside pictures of the explorer on the continent’s white terrain.

White desert said Aldrin is in “good spirits” and his condition is improving.