British Airways Chief Executive, Alex Cruz, Refuses To Resign Despite Chaos During Weekend


British Airways Chief Executive Alex Cruz refuses to resign despite troubles caused to hundreds of thousands of passengers during the weekend.

Cruz claimed the flight disruption wasn’t linked to cutting costs. It was nothing but a power surge that “only lasted a few minutes”, and that the back-up system didn’t work as it should, he said.


He denied that the IT failure was because of outsourced technical staff from the UK to India.

Cruz expressed how deeply sorry he was to the thousands of travelers still stuck at airports worldwide. He claimed abound two-thirds of travelers will reach their destination by the end of the day.

A senior pilot confessed last night that British Airways has supervised the worst airport disorder for decades whilst the disruption is still ongoing for a third day.

A passenger said: “Victor was ill with cancer, he’d had two strokes and we’d had to move him to Club to lie down.

“It was an unbelievable situation. It was the worst I’ve experienced. That’s why we thought it was maybe malicious: everything was down.

“I had 200 people who I could talk to personally so I wandered up the down the plane for two hours, talking to everyone.”

More than 100,000 people were traveling for the Bank Holiday but the disruption at Heathrow ruined all the passengers’ plans.

Mass Chaos

Flights were canceled, luggages were lost; it is a total chaos in Heathrow.

An airline spokeswoman said: “We operated a full schedule at Gatwick on Sunday. At Heathrow, we operated virtually all our scheduled long-haul flights, though the knock-on effects of Saturday’s disruption resulted in a reduced short-haul programme.

“As our IT systems move closer to full operational capacity, we will again run a full schedule at Gatwick on Monday and intend to operate a full long-haul schedule and a high proportion of our short-haul programme at Heathrow.

“We apologize again to customers for the frustration and inconvenience they are experiencing and thank them for their continued patience.”