Britain’s Temperature Set to Rise to 15 Celsius Despite Arctic Wave



After Britain’s temperatures were below 0 degrees last week, the country may be expecting higher temperatures this week, making some parts warmer than Madrid or Athens.

The upcoming temperatures are expected to rise due to an incoming cloud that will trap warmth. This will cause a rise to up to 15C in some places.

From Zero to 15 in One Week

After being below 0 degrees, and -9.7C recorded in some places, Britain was expected to have a white Christmas. However, forecasters now say to expect the warm temperatures to bring about heavy rain and high wind speeds in the west, and some light rain in the rest of Britain.

According to Meteogroup UK, Tuesday is set to be cloudy. Some fog is expected in some areas in the morning, and will lift to low cloud later on. The rain is expected in Scotland, Northern England and Wales on Tuesday afternoon and will continue into Wednesday. Wednesday is set to be windy and mostly cloudy. There will be some outbreaks of rain in the North, while the south will be drier. Thursday will likely be dry for most of the country. The rain may return to London again on Friday.

This news comes despite reports that it will continue to be between 0 and 8 degrees celsius for the majority of the upcoming winter.

Disappointment Before Christmas

Residents expected snow around Christmas holidays, but will now be disappointed after Spring time weather is to be expected.

Residents took to social media to express shock at the sudden shift, and showed their disappointment at the lack of a “white Christmas” this year.

One Twitter user said, “I find it odd that it will suddenly become so warm after one of the coldest winters in a long time.”

Others are happy about the sudden heat wave expected, and hope for it to continue last throughout the winter.