Britain to Expect Super Blizzard Next Week


Strong, cold winds from the North Pole is expected to pass through the UK starting next Friday, which will create a super-blizzard and drag temperatures to as low as -15C, lower than the current temperature of the Arctic Circle.

Due to strong cold winds expected from the North Pole, temperatures in some parts of Britain are expected to fall to below -10C; colder than Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Some parts of Britain are on alert for up to four inches of snow.

Worst Affected

Scotland and Yorkshire are likely to be the worst affected by the storm. Travel across the UK will also become extremely difficult as the storm approaches.

Forecasters currently disagree on how long the cold weather will last. However, some have warned that the cold could continue for up to a month.

James Madden, Exacta Weather forecaster, said:  “There is some good agreement on several weather models that from next week we will see a significant weather pattern change to several widespread snow events that could bring the risk of snow to most and if not all parts of the country.

“Transport and travel issues are likely due to countrywide heavy snow and potential blizzards. Widespread school closures are also very likely on current indications too.”


Piers Corbyn, a WeatherAction forecaster said: “We could see winds reach hurricane-force at sea as Britain turns very cold with the risk of blizzards, ice and dangerous weather.

“We are issuing a red warning for this period as there is a risk of travel chaos and electricity outages.”

Emma Sharples, a forecaster at the Met Office said: “It is turning unsettled into next week as an area of deep low pressure moves towards the UK, Monday could see gales or severe gales in parts with squally showers, thunder, hail and the risk of snow in Scotland.”