Brexit: Donald Tusk says there is not enough progress in the talks


The Council of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said there was not enough progress to get to the next phase of the Brexit talks in Brussels.

She said that the “realistic” Theresa Maya speech on Friday showed “the philosophy of Britain that cakes and food is finally over.” But he said, “There is not enough progress yet.” Ms May waited for her bid for a two-year transition after Brexit unlocked the talks in Brussels.
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“Soon” to assess the progress of Brexit.

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After leaving Downing Street after talking to Mrs. May, Mr. Tusk said that he was carefully optimistic about the constructive and realistic speech of the Prime Minister in Florence and our discussions today.

“This shows that the philosophy of the cake and to eat it, came to the end”, at least I hope it is a good news.
“Of course nobody will ever say that Brexit is a good thing, because, as I’ve always said, Brexit is just about to deal with damage.

“And I have not changed; now I feel that we will talk about our future relationship with the UK after we have made enough progress.

“The two sides are doing it and we will work on it, but if they ask me and ask the Member States today, I would say that there is not enough improvement yet, but we will work on it.”

Its comments come one month before the European Council decides whether there is enough progress to start trade negotiations as the United Kingdom wants.