Brexit campaigner receives rape and beheading threats


Gina Miller, who took a successful Brexit case to the High Court, has since had a torrent of abuse, including death threats, from online trolls.
Ms Miller won a case to prevent Article 50 from being triggered without the approval of Parliament.
But in the last few days, trolls who are accusing her of rocking democracy, have made extreme threats to rape, and even behead, her.
Ms Miller who has also found herself the victim of racism as the face of the successful High Court challenge, is considering whether to report threats to police.
Three High Court judges decided that Parliament must have a right to vote before Article 50 is triggered. Prime Minister Theresa May, however, has insisted that the court case will not derail her from plans to start formal negotiations before March next year.
The abuse has stepped up a gear after Ms Miller, who is a successful investment fund manager, was seen celebrating the High Court ruling.
In an interview, Ms Miller said online messages had included: “I should be beheaded, gang raped, I’m not even human, I’m a primate, I belong in a kitchen – that’s the nicest of some of them. It is unbelievable.”
She said she was now considering whether to report the abuse to police. Ms Miller did say, however, that some of her supporters had already reported the messages to the authorities.
Ms Miller said she was now staying away from social media, including Twitter for “my own sanity”.
She has also not read much of press coverage following the High Court ruling.
Ms Miller said: “Other people on my behalf have felt concerned and have said they have reported it on my behalf and I’m aware there is a sort of feeding frenzy happening and that I may well have to do so in the next few days.”
The ruling means that Mrs May cannot formally start the Brexit process withoutproper consultation with MPs. However, the Prime Minister has said she will be immediately appealing to the Supreme Court.
Ms Miller says she believes politicians and parts of the media have provoked a feeding frenzy of abuse.
Threats have included calls for Ms Miller to be deported to Guyana in South America, where she was born.
If they are reported to police and convicted under the Malicious Communications Act, online trolls could face up to five years’ imprisonment.