Brexit and Population Increase to Takes its Toll on the UK


According to the Institute for Public Policy Research, (IPPR), they claim that an alleged ‘aftershock’ would come about to the UK as a direct result from Brexit and that the UK permanently leaving the European Union would result in a long stretched duration of uncertainty and disruption.

The UK government has vowed that it would reshape and reposition the UK’s role in the world, and would lead in the economy.

Furthermore in the IPPR’s report, it mentions that Brexit will undoubtedly and surely lead economic and political disarray and unease within the UK, which ultimately will lead the nation to a deteriorating level of living standards.

More Troubles Ahead

Also within the contents of the IPPR’s report, it mentioned that population increase is set to drastically kick in within the next 10 years, along with those above 65 years of age to have increased by around 30 percent.

These alterations would serve to add heavy pressure and burden on the UK regarding the funding gap towards the adult social care services, as it is said to reach as high as £13 billion by around 2030.

Brace Yourselves

More troubles for the UK are anticipated as the report points out that approximately 15 million jobs in the UK may see their ends due to the advanced artificial intelligence systems taking over scores of jobs, and the report adds that about two thirds of the existing jobs are in danger to such a matter and may indeed vanish.

However, regardless of these matter, it does not mean that jobs will be out of the question are non-existent. Rather, it means that more will have to resort to freelance type of work, and that the atmosphere of work would be far less secure.

The power structures, economic and political aspects of the UK are said to be severely interrupted within the next few years.