“Breathtakingly wicked” murderer jailed for life for killing elderly neighbour with rolling pin


    A woman described as “breathtakingly wicked” has been told to expect life in jail after being found guilty of killing her 82 year old neighbour by bashing her to death with a rolling pin. Sandra Weir, 41, befriended Mary Logie, pretending to care for her while all the time she was stealing thousands of pounds from her to buy heroin.

    A jury sitting at the High Court in Edinburgh heard that Weir had been focused on getting drug money and that she was prepared to do anything to get it. The jury took less than an hour, having been presented with the evidence, to convict Weir of murdering Mrs Logie at the start of this year, as well as stealing £4,000 from her over a two year period.

    Prosecutor Alex Prentice said the elderly widow was battered in her nightclothes at her home in Fife. It is understood that she was left seriously injured for the whole of that day before Weir came back and killed her in the evening. The horrific assault left Mrs Logie with a total of 31 injuries to her head and neck, as well as with a number of skull fractures.

    Defence injuries

    Mother of three Mrs Logie also sustained injuries to her hands and fingers, which would indicate she had done her best to try to defend herself from the brutal attack. The jury heard that she had trusted her neighbour with her bank card. Even when she realised that Weir had been stealing from her, she simply asked her to pay it back, rather than reporting her to police.

    Sentencing, the judge said that the fact and manner of Mrs Logie’s death was “breathtakingly wicked”. The court heard that Mrs Logie had been a much loved mother, grandmother and friend. She was a regular churchgoer who had just returned home after spending Christmas with her son.