Breaking Bad-Obsessed Drug Addict Receives Life Sentence For Gruesome Murder



According to the Daily Mail, crystal meth drug addict and Satan-enthusiast Stefano Brizzi who killed police officer Gordon Semple in April was handed a life sentence today along with a minimum of 24 years behind bars.

Original Murder

Brizzi, 50, had met on Semple on infamous gay dating app Grindr and had invited him in his flat in London. He had strangled Semple and used the idea of an acid bath, an element of the famous US TV series Breaking Bad, to get rid of the body.

Some parts of the late policeman’s body were also cooked and eaten, leading to a foul odor being omitted from the apartment.

‘‘There is evidence that he did also bite into the body, at one point at least. That is the view I would come to,’’ said Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, the Recorder of London, who also added that Brizzi is a participant of the ‘chemsex scene.’

‘‘I have no doubt, as I said, that there came a time when you went beyond what you had agreed, and you intended to cause him really serious harm. I am sure the facial injuries were deliberately inflicted by you,’’ added Judge Hilliard, emphasizing that the culprit did not even attempt to call emergency services.

The Scene

When police had arrived at the scene of the crime, Brizzi had met them in aviator sunglasses and pink underpants. He admit it that he had killed ‘a police officer.’

‘‘I killed him last week. I met him on Grindr and I killed him. Satan told me to,’’ Brizzi, who had joined a support group called Crystal Meth Anonymous, has confessed.

It was also clear that Brizzi was a big fan of the TV show Breaking Bad in which making crystal meth constitutes a major theme.