Bloody pictures of London train station stabbing


Bloody images of inside the London train carriage where a knifeman is alleged to have stabbed a passenger have emerged. According to witnesses, the man stabbed someone while the train was in a station in south London while chasing terrified travellers, shouting that he was going to “kill a Muslim”.

Horrified commuters say they saw a man stabbed at the Forest Hill station while he was sitting next to his terrified wife. The assailant is then understood to have fled, before marching up and down outside the station, shouting that he was targeting Muslims.

Terrified shoppers and commuters, including some who had children with them, ran from the scene while police were called. Many are understood to have sought refuge inside shops and pubs until the knifeman was detained.

Passengers immediately moved to help the injured man, trying to stem blood flow while paramedics were called. Fellow passengers can be seen kneeling on the blood splattered floor in the carriage as they attend to his injuries. He was later treated at the scene and taken to hospital.


Eyewitness Emma Pinder said that she saw the alleged knifeman running from the station brandishing a weapon. She added: “He was shouting, ‘Whoever is Muslim, I will kill you’. It is thought the man, described as black and in his late 30s or early 40s, may have specifically been targeting Muslim men as one witness said he had seen him hold a knife up to a woman wearing a headscarf and ask her where her man was.

Police said that they had arrested a person on suspicion of Grevious Bodily Harm after the incident at the station and he was currently in police custody. Currently, it is not known how serious a condition the injured man is in, although he is still in hospital.